I read this poem today. Just as I was running around and thinking of all the things I needed to do this day…and tomorrow….and next week…and for the rest of my life I was forced to stop and have a few minutes to read. This poem was just there. This poem is in a book… Read More


Yes, Monday. Which is my Sunday. And my cheat day for food. Starts off amazing…usually, but ends bad, which is good, but today was a mix bag. Kinda like that sentence. But let’s start with the good shall we? Up early…sort of. Set my alarm to do 30 min. of yoga and prep breakfast and… Read More


Crazy day. After breakfast we filmed a trailer for The Chef and Father podcast. JV came over with his daughter and we tried to film with us and three little girls. Probably have more outtake reels than actual commercial…Finn totally improvised a statement though about eating healthy food and not eating garbage food. Proud father?… Read More

Cut you own...

Tom Waits on Pandora. Feeling a little better. Slicing some pork. Was one of those days where I let my lovely daughters stress me out way too much. Actually, they really pissed me off. Let me re-phrase….I let them piss me off. I should know better. But, sometimes zen dad loses it. Yes. Not too… Read More