I have been wanted to start writing a blog for years but, for some reason, always put it off. Scared a bit maybe. What can I write about? What if nobody reads it and I just waste my time? What if people hate it? Ha, meaningless questions. Here are a few things I found out about starting a blog.

1. It is a great way to Inspire a creative day. If I am tired or feeling lazy all I have to do is think…”How can I make this day worth blogging about?” and that is all it takes. Suddenly, my girls and I are cooking awesome food, going to markets, and having a great day. The blog really helps spark ideas of living a great life then sharing it. Start your own blog.

2. Write for yourself. Writing is fun if you just let go. Just sit and let the words flow. Write for you and don’t worry about what others will think. Just be free. It is liberating and fun. Everybody has something to write about. Just write whatever comes into your head which may be…”I have nothing to write about…” Cool, write that…then the next thought. Trick is to be totally authentic and real and it will be good.

3. Hope for the haters. Hey, if you are doing something real and authentic there will always be people who hate it. If nobody hates your stuff that usually means you are trying to please everybody. Stop doing that. End the disease to please now. It never works anyway. Plus, what if you can really help someone out there? Everyone has something to teach.

4. Last question is how to start a blog. This is easy. I don’t have any experience with building a website at all and I did it in about 5 minutes. Was up and running with pictures and my first blog post within 30 minutes. Piece of cake.

Do do it just click on this link right here:



This will get you everything you need. Pick your domaine name. Pay. There are doing a special right now and it is only $4.95 a month! (At the time I am writing this.) I recommend WordPress. So easy. Then while you are figuring it out watch youtube videos on how to set it all up. I recommend one from Pat Flynn on How to set up a blog in less than 4 minutes. That was all I needed.

Have fun!


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