1. Bluehost for starting your own blog.

I started this blog on my kitchen counter in under 30 minutes. It is amazing how easy they are making it now for the average person. Yes, you can design your own website! Add that one to the resume. Here is the link to what I think is the best way to go about it. Start your own blog or website! Bluehost is awesome and inexpensive.


2. Vitamix Blender

Seriously, I use this beauty almost everyday. Green Smoothies and Protein Shakes for the kids and I. Perfect soups, and purees. It is awesome. Yes, it is expensive but I know this will be the last blender I ever buy. Click on this Link – Vitamix Blenderand get one for yourself! You only live once so better to live with a sweet Vitamix Blender

Do it!!!!

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