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My friend just died. She was young. Younger than me. (40?) She ate well. By well, I mean she ate mostly real food. (Her husband is a chef.) She was a huge advocate for local sustainable food. She supported farms and was even on the board of a farm school for cooks. She loved our… Read More


Yes. Been a while. And I know why. Started a few blog posts. Deleted them. I have nothing to write. Yes? No? Yes, we are eating good food. Big deal. So, are a lot of people. I don’t know. Probably a common issue with bloggers. Why should I do it? Does anyone care? Am I… Read More

Peel swt pots

I hear this a lot. Every cooking class I do. “That seems like a lot of work” I wonder when cooking became “work” or even worse a “chore?” Maybe here is the culprit. The actual definition of the word chore. Chore: 1. A routine task, esp a household one. 2. An unpleasant but necessary task.… Read More

Yep, I hear this quite a lot. And, yes, I have said it too. Of course. We all have.  And I bet if you really stepped back and listened to yourself you would hear those words coming out of your mouth all the time. “I can’t afford it.” And guess what? You’re right. Real positive… Read More


My daughter just turned 7. Holy wow. Normally this would be followed with a time flies type of cliche but, for me, it really feels like that was a long time ago. A long time. That little baby girl in my arms inspired me to cook better and, in turn, inspired me to teach other… Read More

The trampoline is our usual Sunday appetizer these days. Family dinner night. We jump and jump. The girls never get enough. I pop off for a minute, throw something in the oven, and then it is back to jumping. We just keep jumping. You can’t not smile when you are jumping. Try it and see.… Read More


Yesterday is still a blur. I woke up to my phone vibrating. Nothing new there really but something did not seem right. Check the phone. It was my MIL and it was….12:15 pm! WTF! Would be a nice lazy Sunday morning except I was supposed to pick up my girls at noon. And here I… Read More


Fact 1 – You can do a quick workout in the time it takes to boil water. (50 power push-ups, 30 seated dips, 30 kettlebell swings.) Fact 2 – You can take a shower in the time it takes to boil eggs perfectly. (Start shower, drop eggs into almost boiling water, shower 7 minutes, dry… Read More