I am so sick of talking about food.

Well, sick of all the politics and emotion that goes into the way people eat. Suddenly, what we put into our bodies has become a battlefield of bantering similar to that horrible month right before a major election. Everyone seems to be trying to convince everyone else that they are right and others are wrong. We fight, mock, judge, lose friendships, hate, troll, and get jealous over what should be one of the most simple and joyous parts of our lives. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner. We have taken something that was meant to be the most pleasurable part of our days and turned it into a religion. “How dare you not believe what I believe..you are bad.” Remember when breaking for lunch was something we looked forward to? Remember how excited we were to come home, after running in the hills or whatever, to the smells of a home cooked meal that we would devour and fuel our ever growing bodies? Yes, we need to stay away from bad food and bad food companies growing rich as we slowly die. But, we all know who they are so let’s just stay away from them. That simple. I refuse to put any more of my energy good or bad towards their direction. Done. But, other than that, let’s just live and let live. You are vegetarian, I eat meat, she is gluten-free, they are vegans, Paleo, raw food, cleansing, slow carb, and your grandparents eat TV dinners. Who cares? Just do your thing and let others do theirs. Or, even better, let yourself be open to how others eat. You don’t have to agree, but just be open and maybe you will learn something. Maybe you will see something in yourself you never saw before. My eating lifestyle is everything above (except TV dinners) on any given week. So….I don’t know….how about we just let it all go and live the way that makes us happy? Yes, let’s share our work, passions, love, food, and life and those who love our stuff will show up….but those who are not ready should just move on…quietly…please. Stop commenting on other people’s thing and just go do your thing. Having your head in your ass in very unsanitary. Take it out, slap on some soap, grab a fork and just eat something that makes you happy.

Much love,

Chef Greg

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