Just a quick one today.

I have always had a problem with drinking enough water. I remember many days of barely drinking any water at all. We all know how important this is and I have never heard anyone try to say that drinking water is just a fad. It is essential.

I lead a very active life, sweat out hours in a kitchen, and drink coffee and red wine so I need a sufficient amount of water every day.

How much water do we need to drink?

I think a gallon of water a day is a good goal to have but that is harder than one may think. Here are two tricks I have insure I get enough water:

I get a 1/2 gallon glass jug (A gallon jug is too big to haul around.) and then simply fill it up and keep it with me all day. Then I fill it again and repeat. That is the minimum amount. It seems having that measuring device really helps otherwise you have no idea how much you have drank and it is usually less than you think.


And the the other thing I try to do is just try to think of how lucky I am to just have water in the first place. So many places don’t have clean water and would probably find us crazy to buy water when we have unlimited perfectly good water coming from the tap. Just a simple gratitude one can use everyday.

If you want to help check out what Tim Ferriss is doing to help people who need clean water. Charity Water – Little bit goes a long way. We all need water.

Much love,

Chef Greg

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