Yes. Been a while. And I know why. Started a few blog posts. Deleted them. I have nothing to write. Yes? No? Yes, we are eating good food. Big deal. So, are a lot of people. I don’t know. Probably a common issue with bloggers. Why should I do it? Does anyone care? Am I an idiot?

The answer to that is…..yes.

So, my solution is, be an idiot and do it anyway. Who cares? Just write what I feel. What is the worst case scenario? Not really that bad. Nothing I can’t handle.

I must write that my attitude tonight is based a bit on my friend who is younger than me, has a son younger than my girls…and is dying. This changes everything.

So, I will start my thoughts with that perspective. Which means, really, any hate or crap comments you want to throw my way are a waste of time. I will just laugh at them or feel sadness for you. Nothing to do with me so have at it. Not sure why I am a bit miffed tonight with this perspective but I will just keep writing….

Want to start tonight with smoking. Yes, cigarette smoking. One of my biggest pet peeves. Actually, even more than that for me. This needs to end. To be illegal. It is criminal.

I am a healthy guy. I try real hard to live healthy, eat right, exercise, eat real food, meditate, yoga, laugh, and just live a certain way so I can feel good. I plan to feel good and fit until I am 100 plus years old. This is my lifestyle. Just for me. It is what makes me feel good. You can do what you wish with your life but I choose to feel awesome. A Coke would never cross my lips and i just, to be frank, really care and am aware of what goes into my body. This does not make me a boring prude. I enjoy every second of my life and eat amazing food. Done.

So, if you are my neighbor, and you smoke cigarettes outside all day and my girls and I are breathing that in you should be arrested. Harsh? Not in my opinion. If I decided I wanted to set up a little shooting range in my backyard, get a permit, buy a gun, and shoot it willy nilly at my target on a Sunday afternoon, guess what? Totally legal. But, what if your kids and you are playing on the other side of the fence and there is a pretty good chance a stray bullet might harm one of your kids or you. Is this okay? You just want to play in your yard. Why should you have to deal with this fear? Exactly.

Shoot heroin, make your own meth, sniff lines of coke and beat your wife. All illegal and  would warrant a call from the cops from me but also do not harm me and my family in any way. Yet, harm us with your second hand smoke all day and it is all good. I can’t say a thing. It is not illegal to drink alcohol but it is illegal to drive drunk. Why? Because driving drunk is dangerous and may harm other innocent people. It is totally fine for me to walk around a bar and throw punches in the air all night. Yes, I will look like and idiot but it is legal. But, it is illegal for one of those punches to connect with another person. Why? Because it may harm them.

So, if second hand smoke may harm me and my little girls why is it not illegal? Yes, it is illegal now to smoke in a bar, restaurant, or other public place in my state. That is a no brainer. Duh. But, why do we think it is important there but not right next to my home? Why not right in front of my car as we drive? Why not walking by me as my girls and I eat on a curb outside a food truck? We went out of our way to eat amazing organic real food that cost 3 times the price of McDonalds for a reason. Do you think I should now have to breathe in chemicals just because you can’t love yourself enough or think of others? Stay in your own home and smoke if you want to. Fine with me. But, no more smoking in public. Just stop. You are harming my family and there should be consequences.

What if you were sitting with your family at a nice picnic table, enjoying a nice lunch, feeling good about your life and I walked by you and just spit on your kids. Really. Just hocked up a big loogie and spat it right on your face. Another one on little Amber’s hummus sandwich. Just kept doing it. Would you say something? I bet you would. But, this is totally legal for me to do this. Not a spitting law in the books that I can find. Sorry, it is just a bad habit I have. I am addicted to spitting. I can’t help it. Sorry, it has to effect your family.

Right? No? Unreasonable?

If you are in front of me on a hot Summer day driving in traffic smoking I should not have to roll up my window and turn off my vent in order to not be harmed by your smoke just like I should not have to buy bullet-proof windows because you are out on the street shooting at my house. You should have to change. Stop shooting at my house. Stop smoking in public.This is a no brainier to me. Should be illegal.

This is just one small reason. Think of the millions of dollars paid for health care for smokers. Think of the massive litter pile of discarded cigarette butts. I just don’t get it. How do we let this happen?

Wait, I do know. The tobacco industry is a billion dollar massively powerful life-force. We can’t touch it. Not even the President can touch it. It is worse than Monsanto and we have seen that the President can’t even mess with them. Geez, where is the hope? Are we just little sheep to these powerful corporations? They got us hooked and just laugh their asses off all the way to the bank. We suck. Literally.

No answer to this. I know that no revolution on my part will change this. No kickstarter campaign, no twitter following or Facebook page like will change it. What can we do? If your neighbor is harming you and your kids it is normal to call the police right? Don’t think so in this case. They will laugh at you. Believe me, I am all for civil rights but not when it harms others. What is the solution? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Sorry for the negative post with no pictures of beautiful food and my kids eating it out in the garden under an amazing sunset. Not tonight. We are inundated with second hand smoke and hiding inside, sweating, with the door closed living the American dream.

I just want to help but feel helpless. How can you compete with chemicals?

Can “Be the change you want to see.” work in this case?

What do you think? Comment on my Facebook page.

Much love,

Chef Greg