Yep, I hear this quite a lot. And, yes, I have said it too. Of course. We all have.  And I bet if you really stepped back and listened to yourself you would hear those words coming out of your mouth all the time.

“I can’t afford it.”

And guess what? You’re right.

Real positive right? Well, there is a theory. Basically it goes like that if you think you can’t afford it and you say you can’t afford it then you are right. You won’t be able to afford it.


Try this. If you find yourself getting ready to say “I can’t aff…” Stop yourself. Just don’t say it. Instead try this simple question. “How can I afford it?” This simple change in language and feeling can change your life. It changed mine. Don’t worry. I am not going to go into some woo woo crap about how you just think something and it magically appears via the secret to the universe. No way. But, I believe, there is a secret to getting things you want/need.

This works for anything but I will stick to food. I assume you want to feed your family real food, organic food, local farm produce, eggs from a farm stand, and get most of your groceries from that small, but expensive, local co-op store down the street. Getting all your food like this is not only healthier but it is good for the environment and good for our economy. It keeps the money flowing to the right places and out of the hands of the big evil companies who may not have your health or the health of your family in mind. Vote with your dollar kind of stuff.

So, instead of saying you can’t afford to live this way just ask the question.

How can I afford it? How can I afford it? How can I afford it?

Ask yourself all day long.

And guess what happens? No, the Universe, or God, or Buddha or whatever you call it does not just drop a pile of cash in you hands. It doesn’t work that way. I wish it did. But, what does happen is your brain starts to come up with ideas on ways to make more money or shift things around to create more money some way. That simple. If all day long you are thinking “How can I” creative ideas just seem to come. They pop in your head. It is awesome really. Have fun with it.

But that is not enough. A creative idea does not make you any money. You have to actually do something with that idea.

Let’s throw out an example. I decided I needed $200 extra a month to be able to afford to get better high quality organic food for my family. “How can I afford it?” “How can I make an extra $200 a month” “How can I?” I just asked myself this all day long. All night. Every day. And, I was aware of my thoughts. That is important. Then, the ideas came randomly. I could do an a cooking class once a month and easily make $200. But, I would have to do that on my day off and that would be one less day I spend with my girls. No way. Next idea. I could make some videos to teach people cooking and sell them on-line. I can do this while the kids are asleep. I can do this for really cheap. Then the videos can just sell on-line as I do other things. I like this idea. But, If I do it there is a chance it might not work. But, if I don’t do it then it will for sure not work.

Here is another good question. “What is the worst that could happen if it doesn’t work?”

Hmm. Maybe I make a cool video teaching people to cook real food for their families, put it on-line to sell as a download, and nobody buys it. I make nothing. Well, I still have this cool video so I will just throw it up on Youtube for free and feel good that I am helping others. Maybe this video gets the attention of a TV producer and I get my own show and a book deal. Pretty good worst case scenario.

More ideas come. Some stick, some get rejected but none of them mean anything unless you actually do something. Do the thing. Here is my tip on that. Just start. Now. Most people get the idea and get excited. Then they analyze it. They try to figure out exactly how they are going to do it. Got to get all those ducks in a row. Guess what? Ducks don’t ever get in a row.This is just stalling because you will eventually find a reason to not do the thing.  This is what stops most people. Me especially. And, if that doesn’t happen then, for sure, someone else will tell you why it won’t work and why you shouldn’t do it. That is a guarantee. This happens all the time because we are really scared to do the thing in the first place so we talk ourselves out of it and blame it on something else.

Just try it. What is the worst that can happen?

Then if it works maybe we can up the ante. “How can I make $2000 extra a month?” “How can I quit my job and work from home surrounded by beautiful organic produce and grass-fed meats with tons of money left over for travel and private school for my girls?”

The power of “How can I?” Try it. I am doing it. Why not?

We can all eat better, buy better food, and live a happier more healthful life.

We can’t afford not to.

Much love,

Chef Greg