Fact 1 – You can do a quick workout in the time it takes to boil water. (50 power push-ups, 30 seated dips, 30 kettlebell swings.)

Fact 2 – You can take a shower in the time it takes to boil eggs perfectly. (Start shower, drop eggs into almost boiling water, shower 7 minutes, dry off 2 minutes, get dressed 2 minutes, drain eggs.)

Fact 3 – If you drop boiled eggs directly into water filled with ice cubes it will stop the cooking and, more importantly, will also prevent that nasty grey ring that can form around the yolk.

Fact 4 – Fresh organic, free-range eggs from our backyard hens have less cholesterol and more protein and omega-3’s than your average store bought egg. (If you care for your hens properly) Well, worth the minimal effort of feeding and cleaning the coop. And fun! Backyard Hens. City chickens. Why not?



Well, I was going to start this post talking about how exhausted I was. 12 hours yesterday working on my farm. Painting, building, painting…more painting. The kitchen is bare there, no stove, no sink, nothing but I was able to cook real food for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a portable propane stove and one pan. This took a little planning but was a piece of cake. A massive re-model might be a good excuse to get fast food and eat crappy but if I am going to try and inspire people to cook real food, no excuses, I have to live that model no matter what. And I do.

farm stove


Today was the usual morning routine, breakfasts, school lunch, chaperone some kids for a zoo field trip, real food lunch at zoo, business calls, shopping, feed chickens, collect eggs, dinner prep, after school clubs, easy snack, soccer practice, quick dinner for kids, baths, reading, get kids to bed, kitchen clean-up (Not a fan of going to bed with a messy kitchen,) clean eggs, trash out, laundry, (this is a day off!) Left the dog outside (oops,) then, feeling exhausted, decided to boil some eggs for tomorrows school lunch and wake my ass up with a quick work-out and a shower. It worked.

But, back to being exhausted. I am not really. I try to never say those words (tired, exhausted, hard, etc.) I have friends who have newborns (You know, up all night, trying to keep the job…and the relationship in tact.) I have friends who have had kids with severe disabilities (No words on the strength these parents have to keep going.) I have friends who have cancer AND have young kids (Try chemo and caring for a two year old at the same time…unimaginable.) So, who am I to say I am tired. I can’t and I won’t. I am grateful for that perspective.

I am just your average parent. Really. Yes, I have a lot of shit to do and I don’t sleep that much. So what? Nobody does. I have healthy kids and a self love that keeps me going. This is all I need. But, I have a strong desire to be extraordinary. I can’t help it. I am too busy and tired to go cook with all twenty of my daughters classmates tomorrow but I will. I put this as a priority cause I know they will love it, I will love it, and I will do something small but extraordinary and make a small difference in a few kids worlds. This is enough for me.

I will cook real food no matter what. This is my pledge.

I am not tired…..


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