Yes, Monday. Which is my Sunday. And my cheat day for food. Starts off amazing…usually, but ends bad, which is good, but today was a mix bag. Kinda like that sentence. But let’s start with the good shall we?

Up early…sort of. Set my alarm to do 30 min. of yoga and prep breakfast and lunches before the girls wake up. This is always my plan but have yet to actually pull it off. Got about half that. Still not a morning person I guess. Managed to get together some flaxseed crepes, bacon and an egg for us. Good start.



Then it was kids to school which involves a multitude of stressful moments which all, of course, are meaningless…but still…brush teeth, where are your shoes?, just put on whatever, I want this hat, no hat, ah, who cares about a hat, get your coat on, THESE SOCKS ARE ITCHY!, homework, backpacks, did I make the lunches?, wrong shoes, where is your coat?, is it gym or music week?, did you sneak that hat?, who has gum?, where is it?, what?, just go, GO!, get in the @#&*! car. Ah, we are off. But forgot the library books and blanket. This never ends….

In the 3 minutes it takes us to get to school all is forgotten and it is all hugs and kisses and love you moments. How long will that last? I turn back to my truck, happy, but really all I can think about are carbs. Eating carbs. LOTS of carbs!

Let’s go back to the school lunch I squeaked out. Saved a few crepes, shredded some chicken from last nights dinner, glued it with a little cream cheese, mustard for one and a little bacon (leftover) for the other. Roll up and done. Took less than a minute. Add some mango, carrots, pretzels, whatever. School lunch in less than 5 minutes. Hmm, maybe that is what my first eBook will be about. ; )


Then I was off. All me. Waiting for the wood floor guy to call me. Bought a new hard drive. Video fills hard drives like crazy. Get some lunch. Pinky’s Barbecue. Been wanting to try it. Trailer in a gas station parking lot. Got a pulled pork and a brisket slider with cole slaw on top. Good, especially the brisket but I think I loved the ciabatta roll the best. Carbs!



The wood guy called but it was too late now. I had girls to pick up from school. But first it was donut time. I had a donut problem at one time. Could not get enough. Then I quit cold turkey. Been years. No donuts. Felt good. But now donuts are a part of my cheat day every week. This is a good thing. Blueberry glazed from Top Pot. Yes, thank you very much.



This is usually when I start to feel like crap. My body simply does not like heavy foods anymore. Then I realize that this is how a lot of people eat…every day. I want to puke and it is only one o’clock. Man, I want to teach this to everybody. I want people to know how to eat in a way that makes you feel so good all the time so there are no need for diets, self control, guilt or any of that crap. It is easy if you get your mind right. Love yourself. Shit, it is not easy. Not for most. I want to help. My body fat experiment mostly comes from Tim Ferriss’s book The 4-hour Body, which I love. Not for everybody but I love Tim and all of his work including the 4-hour Chef. Open your mind up and see if this stuff works for you. I have had amazing results and learned a lot. (Not paid by Tim at all…just a fan)

The rest of the day is a blur. Pick up kids, run around, rake wet leaves from last fall, try to set up a trampoline, more shoe drama, feed chickens, fight over hose spraying time, let’s go eat, more shoe drama, socks, coats, get in the @#*&! car!, let’s go. GO!

Monday is usually pizza time. I love pizza so pizza will usually happen on cheat days. Big pizzas, sausage and garlic pizzas. Pizzas ten times my daughters head pizzas. Yes. Drooling?



Oh, and let’s not forget beer. Nice local I.P.A. Only on Mondays. Beer ranks up there with donuts and pizza. T.G.I.M! But so full at this point. Can’t wait to go back to my regular eating lifestyle which is half the point of cheat day. My fullness turned to excitement as out of nowhere (or maybe in desparation) I came up with this idea to “inspire” the girls to behave and act as I thought girls (kids) should act. I wrote this idea on a paper. Explained it to them…and…and then…had the most pleasant 2 hours I have ever had as a parent. These were different girls. Girls you could not help but love and want to be around. Kids even non-parents would marvel at. Non-feral kids. Holy crap! How could something so simple work so well? This is huge and my brain started reeling. I finally have my iPhone/iPad app idea. Yes. Watch out. Should I quit my job now? This is so good. I love my crazy life…..

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