Crazy day. After breakfast we filmed a trailer for The Chef and Father podcast. JV came over with his daughter and we tried to film with us and three little girls. Probably have more outtake reels than actual commercial…Finn totally improvised a statement though about eating healthy food and not eating garbage food. Proud father? Yes. Can’t wait to edit that.

podcast commercial


Then this happened…..



Cold, wet, pouring rain, freakin’ soccer game. It was her first one and she was nervous. So cute. My parents even came. Kind of a big deal. I was a little weirded out cause it was my first sporting event since I became a dad. Whoa, I am a soccer dad. Which is crazy because I am still a kid. I could be on that field just as easily not more than a few moments ago. I am 42 but my heart is forever a kid and I ain’t changin’ that for nothing. Her team dominated in the mud and slush and Finn even scored two goals! (Not that we keep score right?) Nervous soon became excited. It was awesome…..and cold.

But there is a  cure for all who are cold, wet, tired and hungry. Whole roast chicken. JV brought me one from the Pike Place Market. A whole chicken is usually the same price as 2 boneless skinless breasts. You may think it is hard to deal with but I don’t fuss with it. Just plop it whole into the cast-iron skillet. Tuck the wings under, maybe cut a little excess skin off the front and back. Don’t bother tying it or anything. Chuck on some sea salt and into a 375 degree oven. Then go do something else for an hour. In my case I had a glass of red wine and actually read a bit of a physical book. All I needed was a fire!




After an hour I might find some herbs, some carrots, onion, or whatever is in the fridge. I put those next to the chicken and roast another 15-20 min. All this depends on size of course. Then, yes, I threw in some tater tots from the freezer. Say what you want but you know that sounds pretty good. That was for the girls and I made some lentils and spinach for me.  I am doing this experiment on reducing body fat right now (more on that later) or I would be all over those tots.



Another proud moment is when my girls want the “bone part” of the chicken (legs) and the crispy skin. We fight over the skin. Crispy brown with sea salt. Easily the best part of the chicken and they know it. I ate the thighs and it was a chill dinner. They already asked years ago if the chicken we eat is the same as our chickens in our backyard. Of course my answer was yes, but, some chickens are for pets and some are for food. Easy answer. Think they stayed at the table for a full 20 minutes. I patted myself on the back and enjoyed washing the dishes. This was my meditation for today. Wash the dishes just to wash the dishes. Simple.



Best part is now I have the two breasts (sans skin) to use as school lunches and more meals all week. This is the key to my having the time to cook real food all the time. Cook once. Serve 3-4 times. Take a note on that.

Feels kind of like some generic writing tonight but I am tired and am still finding my voice. It is only my second post! It is what it is. Tomorrow is cheat day. My favorite day. Monday. I don’t work and on this particular lowering body fat experiment I am doing you have to take a day a week and eat as much as you want/can. You actually want to spike your calories to lose the fat. It is pretty crazy, and yes, this is as fun as you imagine it would be. I get really into it and make Mondays the best day of the week. I will try and document it tomorrow…

Cook real food, make your kids school lunches, have fun, and keep reading so we can all do this together. I need you on my team. We not me…

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