Tom Waits on Pandora. Feeling a little better. Slicing some pork. Was one of those days where I let my lovely daughters stress me out way too much. Actually, they really pissed me off. Let me re-phrase….I let them piss me off.

I should know better.

But, sometimes zen dad loses it. Yes. Not too proud to say it publicly. Every parent deals with it, usually daily. You? I work hard at being the enlightened hip dad but one has to step back and wonder as you are, under your breath, telling your kids to “Shut the @*&!% up” or thinking real hard about how you got to this place and that you should be backpacking in Bali right now and eating strange food. You know, living. But, I just take a breath, really take in this lesson for the day, learn from my two favorite little teachers, and plan dinner.

The store is crowded (Saturday) but we get through it. It is a local, sorta hippy (in a good way) co-op PCC I am here pretty much 5-6 times a week. Mostly for my job. Free fruit for kids and I just feel good spending my money here (and my boss’s money of course.) I grab a few things for an un-planned dinner for 3 and start to feel normal again.

So, here we are again with the Tom Waits playing and a pork loin in front of me. Tip of the day: buying a whole chunk of loin as opposed to already cut chops saved a bunch of cash. Well, not a bunch but it adds up. Plus I get to choose how thick I want my chops or whatever. There is a catch though. It did take an extra 27 seconds to slice the meat myself…

Pork slice

I usually can’t be bothered with more than one pan so my favorite cast-iron skillet goes on a high heat. Chops are seasoned. About a tablespoon of olive oil in the pan. Couple minutes on both sides of the chops to get a nice color and remove. 1/4C diced onions to the pan. Cook a minute. Add a can of drained black beans, some dried oregano, some garlic powder, and half the can of water. Reduce a minute. Then add a pile of snap peas (strings removed) to one corner and return the meat to the pan. Cover, (I usually never have lids so I just use another pan inverted) and cook a couple minutes. Thats it. Done. Took about 10 minutes total. Yes, we have time to cook real food.

I plate it up pretty (Can’t help myself) with some avocado and some salsa. Simple. Not trying to impress anyone. Just real food cooked well with as few ingredients as possible. And it only cost about 10 bucks for all 3 of us….



Life is good. Cooking as meditation. Never once thought of all the stress of the day. We sit. We eat. Yes, there are rules at the table. But we have fun. Food and eating is fun. Teach that. Live that. Why not? I love to find my solace in the kitchen. I love that my chill time usually involves cooking. I can’t tell you who is winning any basketball games or what CNN is trying to scare us with this week. But I can pass on my love of cooking and food to my girls…..and that is enough for me. And, apparently, I will need to buy more snap peas next time. Always the little teachers….



Wow, my first blog post and it just rolled out. Effortless. I don’t know what I am doing. Just going to write what comes and put myself out there as usual. This feels good to me. And scares me. Which is good. If you want to follow along my adventures please subscribe to the blog and check out all my other stuff going on. Really enjoying this Be Everywhere strategy to get my passions in check and really feel good when I can help and inspire others with my crazy life. We are just getting started with this. You have no idea! It is a sad and beautiful world……

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So…..Let’s cook! Thanks for reading. Peace.



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